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Sohum Mehta - Growth Analyst - Finance

Sohum Mehta's Bio:

Sohum Mehta is an experienced consumer and corporate bank analyst, as well as a trained corporate accountant.    Sohum Mehta earned his start in the finance world when he was hired by international restaurant chain Taco Bell as an Accounting Clerk. While working for Taco Bell, Sohum was responsible for a number of accounting related tasks.  His primary responsibility included the management and creation of weekly financial summaries featuring a detailed analysis of cost, labour, revenue and expenses. He was also in charge of communicating and working with employees during the event of payroll discrepancies.  As a Taco Bell Accounting Clerk, Sohum was additionally responsible for reporting and explaining the business’ revenues to the chief accountant and various members of senior management.   Following his work at Taco Bell, Sohum studied at Bentley University in Massachusetts.  Upon earning his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in 2010, Sohum chose to continue his studies at Bentley University, and in 2012, he earned his Masters of Business Administration from the school.   While studying at Bentley, Sohum was an active member in a variety of extracurricular activities. Sohum was a regular participant in the school’s Debate Society. His dedication to the team and its members was honored when Sohum was elected Vice-President of the Debate Society.   In addition to participating on the Bentley Debate Society, Sohum competed in the Bentley Business Bowl, a school-wide business focused competition. Exhibiting the business knowledge learned at Bentley and through his previous work experience, Sohum won the Bentley Business Bowl’s top honour in 2007-2008.    Also in 2007, Sohum was listed among the DECA Accounting Ontario Top 5, a prestigious honour and distinction.   Following his studies at Bentley University, Sohum attended Harvard’s extension school. In 2012, Sohum completed his Masters of Liberal Arts, Finance studies from Harvard.   Following his studies, Sohum worked as a Consumer & Corporate Wholesale Banking Analyst for Standard Chartered Bank, a global financial institution with a large market in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.   While at Standard Chartered, Sohum was responsible for performing risk assessments and analysis on proposed corporate loans, screened cash flow statements and balance sheets. Sohum would use the information to determine solvency, as well as develop spreadsheet models designed to determine loan and capital structure feasibility.  During his time at Standard Chartered, Sohum also issued mezzanine financing products for numerous companies with an annual turnover of $10 million and more.   In his leisure time, Sohum participates in a number of activities including golfing, swimming boating and tennis. He is also an avid reader, who enjoys non-fiction material about finance, business and economics.    

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golf, finance, electronics, music, travel, reading

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